Why Choose Atlas?

Our Arizona practice began in 2006, in 2021 we created our Alaska practice and have grown to become one of the largest providers in senior care.

The experience we have gained has influenced and shaped our entire practice and has enabled us to build programs and services to match your model of care and better serve our communities.

We know you have a choice when it comes to on-site healthcare providers. A partnership with Atlas Medical will allow you to provide your residents with the very best comprehensive care through a multi-disciplinary approach.

The Atlas difference:

  • Your Community is our Focus

    Each senior living environment is different. To better support your model of care, we work with your team and staff.

  • Opportunities for all Residents

    No matter what level of care your residents need, our team members have specialty certifications and training to support any health and wellness needs. We can treat residents with any number of cognitive conditions including Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

  • Competitive Advantage

    In a highly competitive senior living marketplace it is meaningful to differentiate yourself, that is why having a wellness forward program in your community can be highly beneficial. Being able to showcase a wellness lifestyle will entice prospective residents as they tour your community.

  • Equipment

    A fitness room designed by a therapist, coupled with our purchasing power, will benefit your residents in the best way.

  • Improving Outcomes

    Residents are encouraged to maintain their strength with evidence-based programs such as Matter of Balance©, Parkinson’s Big and Loud Therapy, Parkinson’s certified fitness classes, and Alzheimer’s Research Foundation’s Brain longevity programs, once therapy goals are met.

  • In-Motion

    Introduce residents to your community’s health and wellness program shortly after they move in by providing them with a comprehensive fitness assessment.